L I S T E N.....A B O U T.....B U Y

Released: November 2007

CD- $15

Kentile Floors. In February of 2007 Bing and Ruth was given access to a rather large church for a pair of evenings. What resulted was an album beyond the belief of even us who had always believed. To say we are proud of this record is the understatement of the year.

Each CD comes in a handmade, individually numbered package.

1. Chaperone to a Civil War
2. Grand Banquet of the Dreamland Social Club
3. Pasha and Beetlejuice
4. Oh Ghost
5. A Shout Whose Echo Came Back as a Song
6. Today Will Be a Quiet Day

David Moore, piano, compositions
Lynsy Stormo, voice
Jean Rohe, voice
Patrick Breiner, clarinet
Jeremy Viner, clarinet
Myk Freedman, lap steel
Greg Heffernan, cello
Jeff Ratner, acoustic bass
Max Goldman, percussion